That melancholy feeling of winter's forward treck on starts to creep over me around this time.  Don't get me wrong. I love the snow and the bite of the crisp, cool air.   But there's no snow!  And that bite of cool air has turned into a devouring of my extremities.  Sigh, atleast this weekend brings the expected delight of a new beginning, a fresh start.  No, I'm not talking about the President!  It's supposed to snow, and I wanted to go skiing on that fresh layer of powder......


Happy Skiing

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10. Ugly shoes


9. When his pant cuffs don’t  go over his ugly shoes


8. Obviously and painstakingly plucked eyebrows


7. A deep void where the awareness of the discovery of deodorant/cologne should reside


6. The spewing out of utterly trivial and pointless facts believing this ups his intellect/ sex appeal/ superiority


5. Dirty fingernails if he’s not a construction worker/ struggling artist/ avid hiker


4. High interest in the same subject you are interested in followed by blank stares when delving deeper into said subject


3. Aversion to animals, the elderly, or babies (if not occupied by a traumatic experience)


2. No knowledge of psychology (an understanding of why woman love socializing would suffice, for example)


And the number 1 way to lose me in less than ten days:


Picking fights with people struggling to serve or please them (i.e. waitresses, store clerks, family members)


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Do people still watch TV?  Specifically reality shows and sitcoms?

Do all the media channels just make us think that everyone's watching "Dancing with the Stars" and "The Hills"?

Or am I really the only one outside of the reality-addicted twilight circle?

Everytime I browse the AOL or Yahoo frontpage there's a unclickable video shot of who fell, who lost, who cried, and who died.




With the problems the world is faced with today you'd think we'd open our eyes and minds and really try to make the society and world a better place.   I mean, we should be doing that all the time of course but, hey, one step at a time.

I really believe that if you are going to watch TV, you should choose something educational, humourous, or inspirational. I wouldn't even watch the news since so much of it has become a superficial, fear-inducing, sensational bunch of crap.


But, hey, there's nothing wrong with a few unnecessary indulgences every once in a while.


Mine came in the form of the show "Pushing Daisies": a dramedy and "forensic fairy tale" based around a pie-maker who could bring the dead back to life.  It was funny, suspenseful, and just simply enjoyable to watch after a long days work.  So to hear last week that ABC was going to cancel it pretty much ruined my weekend and upcoming birthday.


Mais, c'est la vie.


Small losses like these prep us for the bigger disappointments in life.  And also make us realize that we should have many loves, many passions, and a resilient character.  


Or we could keep watching "The Hills" till Lauren's clothing line comes shooting out of our nostrils.


À bientôt!


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With the world economy the way it is, everyone and everything suffers:  Nascar, jobs, boats, unnecessary fluff stores, Michael Jackson, gas prices(yeah!), state troopers, our health, horses, and luxury brands. 




No one wants to shop, travel, study or even start their own businessAll they really want to do is play games, commit crimes, drink, and fiil their SUVs up with cheap gas.


Am I the only one who sees a problem with that?  We have less spending money, so we go and numb our pains with games and booze.   




Shouldn't we being upping our charity-giving, health-caring, fitness-seeking, energy-renewing activities?  Just like a bout of depression, one most effectively deals with slumps in their life by improving their health, psyche, and spirit.





Because it seems that two things suffer most in this type of a crisis; the poor and our moods. 

So don't watch TV, eat junk food, or excercise in the mall


Instead give to your local charity or Salvation Army, work on improving yourself, sign up for yoga, shop local, get a massage, spend time with your family, or volunteer.




And it's ok if you don't buy Uncle Joe that flat-screen TV this year.  Instead, ask him to join you on your charity rounds and bring the kids and cousins too.  I'm sure it will be much more memorable than the money clip you bought Cousin Mo last year.


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Barack Hussein Obama.......(cue scary Halloween music)

Stop it! Please just stop it! Stop saying his name as if it were a very dirty
. Stop saying his name as if fireballs were going to come flying out of our mouths
and laser beams shoot out of our eyes.  Actually that would be pretty cool, I
take it back.

But seriously, what the freak is wrong with us? Who the heck cares what his name
is? Are we that measurably shallow? The name of a person now legitimately
exceeds his credentials? Confucius and Aristotle would roll in their graves.

Ok, fine. So, Snoop Doggy Dog might not fly over with the American and global
society......but it's a freakin made up name!

Yo, peeps, listen up......President Snoop in da hizzy!!   Raise up yo gin n' juice to the may-an!





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So, after about  5 days, I still find it pretty surreal to think about who the new president is.  I mean it still feels as if it's six months ago and we're in the middle of the presidential campaigning.  I guess that happens when you've been following something for so long and it gradually builds up over time, so you begin to naturally expect some kind of gratifying and over-the-top finale - like in a show, or a video game.


I mean the election seriously unfolded like a Mortal Kombat video game......funny but actually pretty sad.  The potential leaders of our crumbling country were usually too busy character assassinating each other to think about how to save the country from financial terrorists.


Most of us don't even really know why we love or hate someone or something anymore. We just let other's paddles steer us down unknown rivers of beliefs - beliefs that our own subconscious feelings should be navigating.


Ok, I know we've come to a point in our society where the "thought" of abortion (or no abortion) trumps the presence of integrity in our future political leaders. Fine, I get it. Those who run the country don't have to be honest or compassionate or intelligent or dignified or well-read. I accept that, and that's partly the reason why I decided to avoid running for a political office in the future. If the people have more faith in their hair stylists than their political and religious leaders (guilty as charged, hi Joe!) than you can't blame me. So maybe my idea of fusing politics and fashion isn't that bad of an idea. Because what woman have you met that doesn't put full faith in that little black dress on a Friday night? I think I heard more about the colors of Obama and McCain's ties than the subprime mortgage crisis. Case closed.


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