Technology has become such a pervasive entity in our lives that we look upon it has we do buildings or cars.  It's here to stay so we might as well live with it in any way possible.  I stumbled upon a site (by way of my mom) that captures these feelings of technology's creep into our lives so well.  Here are a few of my favorites photos below, but you go to the site and scroll through the interesting creations.




Check out the rest of the photos here.

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Each day as I sit and work on researching and writing my reports at work, I find myself unpredictably gravatating towards that magical realm we call "The Google".  Space and time ceases to exist in this fantastical world where dreams come true and we all are virtually endowed with a temporary advanced degree.   Many studies have been done as to the effect of this type of superficial learning apparatus.  Does this tool push our society to the brink of epistemical paralysis or is it a natural progression in our intellectual evolution?


Because what is The Google good for anyway? 


How is gum made?   Why do birds sing?  What does E=MC² equal?   No question or request, trite or silly,  complex or intricate, can angry or repel the great Google.    Nothing beyond its grasp and so unforgiving in its scrutiny of us, but so bountiful are its fruits.  For we have become an even greater and more superior being due to the powers it so kindly bestowed upon us.  Those days of yesteryear, where embarassing pauses lingered after a series of trivial facts spewed out of a know-it-all collegue's mouth have now been replaced with instant knowledge of inconsequential details at the tips of our fingertips.  Who needs Harvard when we have now officially become graduates of The School of Google?   Congratulations fellow Googlians.  



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How many celebrities are in the US?  I have always wondered about the exact number because they keep popping up from every possible angle.  I don't even know how I keep track of the hundreds I already know of.   But I was watching some show on the lifestyles of the disgustingly rich and unnecessarily famous and I got to thinking, what the hell are these people doing while thousands upon thousands are being laid off with absolutely no reassurance so that they are left to burn their houses down to collect on insurance (drove past a fancy, burnt down, cookie cutter house on my way to work today and thought, really? when was the last time a house randomly burnt down in a nice neighborhood? I'm just saying.) 

So instead of the already strained government reaching into their lint-filled pockets, why not get every celebrity to give, let's say, $1 million dollars each (assuming they have atleast 20 mill in their bank accounts) count it as charity, give them a tax break, and then shoot a movie about it.  I'd guess there's atleast 1000 celebrities, so do the math and there's our economic stimulus package right there.  It's redistributing the wealth without the messiness of communism.  Celebrities can keep their lifestyle while also helping to reinstate that of others.  And we can finally and truthfully tell Ann Curry that we used Angelina's money to raise an army for national security [insert additional octuplet jokes here.]


picture courtesy of and and


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Which is more important? Making the Olympic Team in your sport, winning an Olympic medal, or just finishing the freaking race without a hitch?


It's been months since the Beijing Olympics, which were overshadowed by swimming paraphenalia and pre-pubescent tumblers.  But did anyone ever stop to think about the US Track Team?  What the hurdle happened to them?  Seriously.  I hate to say it, but they dropped out like jacked up flies from a zapper.  Our once strong and proud team seemed to silently disappear behind the eight gold medals of a now quite interesting character (that's for another day).


And maybe I was extra disappointed due to my own unreluctant fling with track.  Hurdles to be exact.   And I'm short, so to see the look in the skeptics' faces as I soared over the men's hurdles was delightful.  Plus, I still have fantasies to make it into the Olympics, even if I passed my prime at the ripe old age of 19.  But I will even if it's in the "jump the hurdles to get to the shoes" event.




So I bring this up because of an article that popped up today in the Times, describing the release of a report by a committee looking to reduce the influence of agents and shoe sponsors.    


Back up just a little.  I know athletes get paid well;  really, really, well.  But sponsors making career decisions for the athletes is just beyond me.  Again, I hate to say this, but go play basketball.  Track and field is a sport that develops out of a passion and a gift.  Not a paycheck and a brand.  Now, I'm sure many professional basketball and football players are in it for the love, but how many can actually resist the lure of big money and major connections? 


I just hope that the suspicious actions highlighted in the report are a recent phenomenon; because if I had been coached the way these athletes seemed to have been, I wouldn't have developed the awe and respect for a sport that I still yearn to go back to one day.  

So maybe these Olympics were a wake-up call on many levels.  Many, many, many levels. 

Oh, how innocent we once were.

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Here's the perfect excuse to play with your food.  You're doing it for arts sake. 

From, check out this craziness:








Where the Wild Things are



Farm animals








Check out more pictures and how to do it yourself at 

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Love this comedy clip with comedian Sebastian Maniscalco on what it's like to shop at the discount store Ross.  A good laugh after a long day at work.



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Do people still watch TV?  Specifically reality shows and sitcoms?

Do all the media channels just make us think that everyone's watching "Dancing with the Stars" and "The Hills"?

Or am I really the only one outside of the reality-addicted twilight circle?

Everytime I browse the AOL or Yahoo frontpage there's a unclickable video shot of who fell, who lost, who cried, and who died.




With the problems the world is faced with today you'd think we'd open our eyes and minds and really try to make the society and world a better place.   I mean, we should be doing that all the time of course but, hey, one step at a time.

I really believe that if you are going to watch TV, you should choose something educational, humourous, or inspirational. I wouldn't even watch the news since so much of it has become a superficial, fear-inducing, sensational bunch of crap.


But, hey, there's nothing wrong with a few unnecessary indulgences every once in a while.


Mine came in the form of the show "Pushing Daisies": a dramedy and "forensic fairy tale" based around a pie-maker who could bring the dead back to life.  It was funny, suspenseful, and just simply enjoyable to watch after a long days work.  So to hear last week that ABC was going to cancel it pretty much ruined my weekend and upcoming birthday.


Mais, c'est la vie.


Small losses like these prep us for the bigger disappointments in life.  And also make us realize that we should have many loves, many passions, and a resilient character.  


Or we could keep watching "The Hills" till Lauren's clothing line comes shooting out of our nostrils.


À bientôt!


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Forget Hillary Clinton! 

I believe these seven unrealized candidates could take this position fourth in line from the presidency and rock it!



1.  Oprah - Who hasn't thought of Oprah joining the Obama administration? She's a great communicator and therapist, and with the money she's rollin' in could single-handedly rebuild Iraq.




2.  Beyonce - A diva with both beauty and brains. I'm sorry but a lady like this can seriously conquer.



3.  Britney Spears - You may laugh now, but who better to pull us out of the gutter by resconstucting the damaged image of America?



4.  Tie between Angelina Jolie and Madonna - Both are world-renowned, invariably civic-minded, and their excellent international connections on almost every continent wouldn't hurt either.



5.  Arnold Shwarzenegger -  I'd only recommend fear as a last resort, but the terminating image he's built around the globe may do wonders for our national security situation. 



6.  Sarah Palin - Awwww, yes, I said it.  Why?  What better way to confuse the terrorists than with a constant stream of jumbling reiterations.   No offense to the governor, though.  She's hot and so could easily distract the bad guys as we slip past and bring democracy.  Plus, she's already friendly with that French dude.




7. And of course, Stephen Colbert - His uncanny ability to work both sides of the ideological spectrum could finally help bring our bipartisan country together.

Or he could just flip off the world leaders who piss him off.



Who'd you pick?



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I believe any type of discrimination towards President-Elect Barack Obama at this point is actually discrimination towards his image.  But in the minds of the accusers, they’re one in the same.   Disagreement with his proposals or policies based on sound judgment is one thing; but hatred and anger, the emotions that seem to be running high in the population that voted “against him” (yes, voting against a candidate is entirely possible…look at the Kerry/Bush election) is completely different and just throws us instantly back into the era of crazy McCarthyism. 

Many people just can’t seem to restrain their blatant bigotry any longer, and so begin to throw out baseless claims and fear-mongering stories (my favorite is how he’s a secret Muslim and will inject both Sharia and Marxism into the constitution; wow, now that would be a first.)  This has been happening all along, but now it’s like they unleashed their inner demons, and are setting us up for the apocalypse (amuse yourselves here.)


I read a great article yesterday interviewing Bill Cosby as he walked up to the voting booth to vote for the first African American president, and it mentioned the possibility of the Cosby Show being one of the factors carving out the path to that historic moment.  Researchers even had a name for it; “the Huxtable effect”, named after the famous family in the show.   “The Huxtable effect” theory speculated that by the Cosby Show establishing the first appealing black family living a normal upper-middle class life, young TV viewers were set up to begin the erosion of remaining stereotypes.  Cosby seemed split on that theory but acknowledged his attempt to help break down racial barriers. 

Either way, I’m just happy to see him enjoy this historic moment, as well as Martin Luther King Jr.’s children, the 106 year-old woman mentioned in Obama’s speech, and every other African-American and minority; or everyone else who was moved to tears by that heart-warming moment when he walked onto the stage with his family.   I believe many people who didn’t support him or vote for him still felt the global sigh of relief in seeing this country move forward.

And I think regardless of who we voted for, we can all agree that THIS is an awesome game!


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Barack Hussein Obama.......(cue scary Halloween music)

Stop it! Please just stop it! Stop saying his name as if it were a very dirty
. Stop saying his name as if fireballs were going to come flying out of our mouths
and laser beams shoot out of our eyes.  Actually that would be pretty cool, I
take it back.

But seriously, what the freak is wrong with us? Who the heck cares what his name
is? Are we that measurably shallow? The name of a person now legitimately
exceeds his credentials? Confucius and Aristotle would roll in their graves.

Ok, fine. So, Snoop Doggy Dog might not fly over with the American and global
society......but it's a freakin made up name!

Yo, peeps, listen up......President Snoop in da hizzy!!   Raise up yo gin n' juice to the may-an!





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