A list of 2008's best triumphs and worst fails.... (FYI - the links with the icons preceding them can just be scrolled over to see what's underneath)




  • African Americans - Barack Obama's win helps to immediately better the perceptions of African Americans in people's minds, especially because the image of the president is usually a strong and positive leadership position.

  •  Organic anything - the green movement doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.



  •  The Twitter Community  - although not quite as pervasive as Facebook, I'm impressed with the speed and influence of the Twitter community. Kudos!



  • Top Ten Lists of everything and anything you can think of. Seriously, we love top ten lists.



  • Writers - technically the writer's strike was deemed successful until another lawsuit was filed in November. Maybe this is a toss-up then.



  • Racism - I think most would agree that the election of the first black president helps us to begin pushing racial stereotypes over the cliff.



  • Britney - All I have to say is, wow, I would have never seen a return like this a year ago.   She's like a one-woman Roman empire.  Disregard that ending though, or maybe............



  • Dubai - As Busta Rhymes claims in his new, albeit, controversial song, "We getting Ay-rab money!"  This place is the new Las Vegas.



  • Swimming  -  Everyone wants to be an Olympian now.



  • Tina Fey - She is on fire!  You gotta love her regardless of your political views.  She represents that quirky, slighty nerdy, girl next door in all of us.  And yes she has transformed into a glorious swan from her former awkward and heavier 80's hair days, but that's the beauty of it.  It gives everyone who doesn't look like Angelina Jolie hope. 



  • SNL - After Will Ferrell  and Cheri Oteri left, I pretty much forgot what late Saturday nights were for. Then Tina Fey shows up and now my dvr is set to record every episode.  Should this praise really be directed at Miss Wasilla?



  • This phrase - Come on. We've heard it so many times that we can't say the phrase anymore without an attempt at a Fred Armisen impersonation of Barack Obama.



  • This word - Oh yeah. Say it with me:

  via the NYTimes.



  • This video - Please take to time to watch this lecture.  It's beautiful, poignant, and one of the most spot-on narratives of the human conditions I've heard.



  • Shoes - I love shoes. Obviously more than this guy cuz you could never get my pair flying across the room.




2008 FAILS


  • Racism - You didn't think I was actually saying that racism is dead, did you? Oh no, we have a looooong way to go.  Don't you just love us humans?



  • The Economy - no comment.



  • Private Jets - Like I said, old white men can't fly.



  • The Earth - Poor earth. It keeps turning for us and we try to do everything to push it off it's balance.



  • The Republicans - Sorry guys. It wasn't your year.



  • Pigs, Moose and Turkeys - They always seem to be at the short-end of the stick, but this year they got the royal treatment.



  • Holiday shopping - Maybe it's good that we've reigned in our spending and given the big, bad corporations a break.



  • Plumbers - Say it ain't so Joe.



  • Selling poltical offices to the highest bidder - This just doesn't seem to work like in the olden days.



  • Televised  interviews - I can't decide if I enjoyed the real or fake interview better.



  •  Pastors - Not since the Salem Witch Trials have our religious leaders held such sway over the population.

  • Nutcrackers - I don't mean the ballet.  I'm talking about the one that got away from the presidency.



  • Old White Men - God bless em, but they sure do screw up a lot.




  • This phrase - For some reason, U. S. of A-ers seem to be getting a bad rap when it comes to geography.



  • This word - for all of you playing a drinking game:

  via NYTimes.



  • This video - I mean watching the video now I think wow, we gave her a lot of hell.  But I guess it was kinda cheesy. Especially when that little girl in the video came out for Obama.


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Here are some interesting links that have kept me amused.....


- - The cutest synchronized puppies.  I thought only my dogs did this but it looks like the raised inflection in our voices creates the same effect in all dogs.  Observe the cuteness.


- - Ever wanted to learn a language wthout leaving the house or emptying your wallet.  I found this site very helpful with step-by-step audio and text for almost any language. Vayámonos!


- - Please don't let me ever fall into this marketing hole.


- - How many countries can you name in 5 minutes?  I got 65/195.  Harder than you would think when the pressure is on.


- - Finally my life-time wish for temperature-controlled sand at the beach has come true!  Via Dubai of course.  Excessiveness is a way of life.  What can't they do there? 


-- When you think of Cleopatra, what image comes to mind?  Elizabeth Taylor?  Me too, although maybe a little more ethnic.  Well, now a certified Egyptologist (yes, they do exist) has recreated Cleopatra's face from images of ancient artefacts using computer regeneration technology.  I can't figure out who the likeness reminds me of but I do see a slight if any resemblance to the Obamas, no?




- - Ever had the desire to stay in a large, floating orange pod on your holiday vacation?  Or how about that lovely recycled concrete sewage pipe with lovely interior?  Well, stress no more, because those are just two of the ten weirdest hotels you can stay in to seperate yourself from the confines of the consumerist, tourist bunch.  

- - And a new favorite pastime of mine?  Watching other people fail at the FAIL Blog.  Tragic and magical at the same time.  Isn't it sad when a website is dedicated to other people's failures and immensely popular?  Maybe it helps to validate our existence and acknowledge our own countless failures.  Nah!  We just like to see trucks stupidly smash into poles.  That's funny!


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